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Wind farm and Solar Power Plant Permits

Fooladtechnic was allowed to study feasibility of constructing a wind power plant with capacity of 50 MW and a 10 MW solar power plant in Esfahan province, based on permit of Renewable Energy Organization of Iran. In the first phase, construction of 25 MW wind power plant was included in the agenda. After 1 years of getting through costly administrative stages and obtaining the required permits from different organizations such as Natural Resources, Environment, Passive Defense, SUNA (Renewable Energy Organization of Iran), TAVANIR, etc., Fooladtechnic company successfully managed to attain the construction license for 25 MW wind and 7MW solar power plant in South of Esfahan province region.

Location of the sites

The site of the mentioned wind farm in south of Esfahan province was 100 km south of Esfahan in Shahreza region. Average altitude of this site was 2100 m above sea level.

Description of the sites

Lands of the site lacked trees or the structures affecting wind speed and direction; the only factor affecting wind speed and direction was topography of this site. Considering issuance of the construction permit for wind power plant in southern regions of the studied site, mutual effects should be also considered in the case of their construction.

Anemometry and Data Assessment

The nearest meteorological stations to the site were synoptic stations of Meteorology Organization in Shahreza cities which were approximately 10 km to north of the site. Altitude of Shahreza synoptic station above sea level was 1850 m and its geographical coordinates were 51˚48΄ north and 31˚59΄ east. Using the long-term information, average annual temperature of 15.7˚C, minimum record of +2.8, maximum temperature of +28.6˚C and average relative humidity of 37% were extracted.

Annual rainfall rate in Shahreza varied between 52.8 mm in 2008 and 236.5 in 2004 and the average rate of 13 years from 1993 to 2005 was 145.4 mm.

 The number of snowy and sleety days varied from 4 to 10 days, the number of days with thunder and lightning was between 4 and 10 days per year and the number of dusty days was between 3 and 10 days per year during different years in Shahreza Station.

With an average of 3357.5 hours of sunshine each years, Shahreza has a good potential  to producer solar energy

The value obtained for annual mean speed of wind using anemometric operations was close to 8 m/s at altitude of 80 m above ground level.

Connection to Network

Considering nominal capacity of wind power plant, by constructing special substation of power plant, the generated power should be injected into 63 kv network passing from 5 km of the site and a 63/20 kv substation is located in 10 km close to site.