Implementation of 20kW solar system

Implementation of 20kW solar system by Foolad Technic International Engineering Company (FIECO)

The use of green energy around the world is rapidly growing, FIEco intend to enter to green Energy market. Solar energy is one of its aspects.
FIEco establish its first 20KW solar plant as a pilot plant and could connect it to the power grid in 2018. The purpose of the plant is to conduct research studies to optimize and increase the efficiency of solar system and to encourage industry investors to use solar energy. The 20 kW solar system of archive building was designed, installed and commissioned by FIECo's technical expertise based on world-class standards.

The specification of implemented solar system is as follows:

Main Technical Specifications:

20 kW system capacity
Star system design includes a central SMA inverter
Four solar arrays consisting of 56 solar panels

Preliminary studies:

- Eligibility for ownership
- Preliminary studies including ambient shading, angle calculation and radiation coefficient, installation location, selection of suitable solar panel and suitable inverter, initial layout of panels according to environmental conditions, Simulation of shading using relevant software, ROI(Return of investment) based on local electricity purchase rates,




- Design of metal frame holder for solar panels
- Design of AC, DC, inverter and metering panel


Supply of equipment:

- JA-Solar panels suitable for this project, 360 watts

- SMA 25 kW inverter
- Design and manufacturing of inverter, AC and DC integrated panels

- Manufacture, assembly of solar panel retaining structures

- Equipment and materials required for the ground system
- Bulk material for cabling, routing and installation of equipment, etc.


Equipment installation:

- Implementation of earth system (earth well, earth ring and all earth connections etc)

- Installation and assembly of solar panel holder structures on the desired surface (roof of company archive building) according to existing barriers (building skylights, water coolers, etc.)

- Installation and assembly of solar panels

- Installation of AC, DC, inverter and metering panels

- AC and DC cabling

- Performing hot and cold tests for setting up Electrical panels and solar panels

- Perform tests on the ground system


Ensuring that all equipment were properly installed commissioning tests were performed and the connection to the power grid was completed.


The solar system has been continuously generating power electricity since its launch and all parameters are being studied online.